Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a valuable tools for businesses big and small. It facilitates communication in real time with the use of video as well as audio for people present in various locations. The virtual teams can interact more personally in comparison to mere conference calls. It connects business partners and teams together with each other by fulfilling an essential requirement of putting face into a voice. It saves the money associated with airfares or fuel or lodging that is necessary to physically bring people together in a conference room.

There are two types of videoconferencing, the point-to-point video conferencing and the multi- point videoconferencing. Point-to-point is a simple method by which two videoconferencing equipment can be connected via a simple IP address. Multi-point videoconferencing equipment employs several set-up variations depending upon how many locations are you connecting, also taking into consideration and the amount of budget allowed to spend.

Video Conferencing is transmitted either via the internet connection through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or through ISDN lines and NT boxes.

Video Conferencing is a significant tool for the entire process of two way video as well as audio interaction. Webstream provides end to end solutions to the clients and make the complete arrangements starting from setting of the audio visual equipment to the execution of the entire event on the videoconferencing platform of Webstream.

Benefits of Engaging Webstream's Videoconferencing Services Onsite or In studio

  • Experience and expertise of having conducted more than 250 videoconferencing events.
  • Trained engineers across various cities for setup and execution.
  • Testing that is managed professionally.
  • State-of-the-art bridging capability.
  • Capacity to troubleshot and make backup plans.

Webstream has executed over 1500 such events & counting with Professors & Speakers based across 90 countries worldwide as well as with Domestic Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

What we bring to the table is an in depth understanding of the pharma & healthcare industry, their communication needs & of course the rich technical expertise stemming out of the experience of conducting a variety of events over the years.

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